Welcome Back. We Have a New Site.

I doubt anybody will notice this, because no one ever comes here, but yeah, we have a new website–or rather, a re-designed website. I was told to add more color–and I have–but the minimalist inside me is still purring with delight.

The biggest change you’ll find: we’ve gotten rid of the webshop. It was expensive to maintain–in terms of both the actual hosting fees and in having to maintain a stock of books on hand–and we grew weary of shipping. But… what? You were just about to finally order an autographed copy? If that’s really true, email me; I still have a couple lying around. Otherwise, autographed copies will only be available as in-person sales (so sign our author(s) up to do readings!).

Book pages will now provide links to various other outlets where you can purchase our materials. We’ve also provided the ISBN on every page, so if you prefer, you can take this to your local bookshop and have them order a copy for you. Questions? Send us an email.

What else is new? Will there be more regular blog posts? No. We don’t like blogging. (Or at least not blogging about publishing.) Continue to expect roughly one post per year, possibly less. (It’s crazy–we haven’t touched this website in so long, there’s a new post editor that won’t let me make normal paragraphs.)

Oh, and yeah, we did make a new book:


Actually it’s a journal, but it’s a good one. Give it to your friends when they visit Oregon. (Please, no one else move to Oregon.) For now, it’s available only through Amazon, because that’s who prints it, but if there’s a demand we’ll see about expanding distribution and so. If you’re a shopkeeper and are interested in stocking it, or if you just know a lot of #vanlife hipsters, we are happy to offer wholesale discounts; contact us at info@gossonpress.com.

Okay that’s all. Thanks; love Nic.

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