Do What's Right.

Despite the preponderance of dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels on our shelves, I don’t think any of us ever thought the world would come to this. As the representative of a business that places high value on openness, acceptance, and freedom of choice, I feel like I ought to be making some kind of public statement. But it’s hard to find words when the person who is more or less in charge of the world has just announced that most, if not all, of the things I hold dear don’t matter any more.

Last week, Sara (who wrote Weeks and Days) had a good blog post about this. I still find it hard to talk about the president and his policies without using inflammatory phrases like “megalomaniacal sociopath” (that’s one of the less inflammatory), so instead, I’ll direct you there:

A Statement.

We have a long, hard slog ahead of us, guys. It is now your job–and my job, and everyone‘s job–to look at what you see around you and, as Sara has written, do what’s right.

At Gosson Press, we are proud to stand on the side of civil liberties, environmentalism, globalization, and, above all, human rights and truth. We hope you will stand with us.

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